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ID Analytics is dedicated to the science of distilling critical insights from relevant consumer interactions no one else sees. We help businesses grow confidently by providing distinctive, up-to-the-minute visibility into identity and behavior. Through unconventional analytics applied to diverse, evolving data, we enable organizations and individuals to transact safely.
More than 450 leading U.S. enterprises depend on ID Analytics products including the top wireless providers, 7 of the top 10 financial institutions and 4 of the top 5 retail card issuers.
Here you’ll work with the brightest minds in data science, software engineering, and product innovation developing best-in-class fraud and credit risk solutions. As part of our team, you can help drive the future of consumer identity analytics.
“It is an honor to lead the talented individuals at ID Analytics. I am proud of the culture we’ve created and look forward to bringing new innovations that anticipate and meet the needs of our clients.”
– Scott Carter, CEO, ID Analytics
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Our employees come from varied fields of study and from over 20 countries, bringing together unique backgrounds and perspectives. We’re always eager to meet thoughtful and talented people who are interested in learning more about what we do and how they can potentially contribute to the success of the ID Analytics’ team.

ID Analytics is a leader in credit and fraud risk solutions with patented analytics, proven expertise and up-to-the minute insight into consumer behavior.

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What Do We Do?

ID Analytics is a leader in credit and fraud risk solutions with patented analytics, proven expertise and up-to-the-minute insight into consumer behavior. Founded in 2002, with a vision to think differently about how institutions solve the problem of verifying consumers’ identities, we now solve a full range of identity challenges, including assessing credit risk and improving online customer experience. Our tools help our clients protect themselves and their customers from identity risk and fraud. Our solutions are all powered by analytics, but it’s our access to data unseen by other bureaus that differentiates our solutions. We serve our clients by examining a consumer’s identity information and commercial activity using complex models in near real-time. The resulting scores help lenders better assess the risk of doing business with an individual. We typically answer three questions for our clients:
“We help block fraud and identity theft, protecting millions of consumers.”
Is the consumer who they claim to be?
Responsible lenders only offer credit when people are reasonably able to repay.
Will they pay as agreed?
We help lenders avoid losses from making bad loans.
Is there fraudulent intent?

Hundreds of organizations including credit card issuers, banks, auto lenders, wireless providers, online lenders, utilities, and brick-and-mortar retailers, continue to rely on our insights year after year to protect their clients.

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