Around the Office

Open Environment. Friendly Atmosphere.

ID Analytics rated in top 20 best places to work.
We’ve embraced an open office format and our work environment helps enhance knowledge-sharing and collaboration while preserving privacy and quiet spaces to allow for uninterrupted work. Instead of offices, you’ll find dozens of conference rooms for meetings and ad-hoc conversations. For impromptu collaboration many walls double as whiteboards, ready to capture your creative insights. For a less formal feeling, some find brainstorming in the breakroom is the best way to develop new ideas. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can focus and be productive, regardless of their preferred workstyle. Some of the office perks available to ensure a healthy balance of work and fun:
  • Teambuilding events
  • Weekly onsite yoga classes
  • Walk-to-lunch days
  • Organized happy hours
  • Holiday celebrations and contests
  • Team outings
  • An ample supply of snack food
Every week is a little different, but there is almost always something going on.
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Transparent Management

At our monthly all-hands meetings the entire ID Analytics team gathers to celebrate company milestones, share updates, and welcome new hires. Additionally our parent company hosts a weekly video conference ‘huddle’ to share goals for the organization and respond to employee questions.

Agile Workspace

The ID Analytics offices are set up as an agile team workspace, which is unique for a number of reasons. Team members are often seated together based on projects they are working on. Our cross-functional team arrangement creates an environment that encourages collaboration and team building – so your desk may move as you move from one project to another. Our Engineering, Analytics and Project Management teams organize project loads into 2-4 week sprints (or project timelines). These sprints allow the groups to focus on top priority projects, while also staying nimble enough to change course as new priorities emerge. Daily stand-up meetings allow all team members to gain an understanding of the work being completed, quickly identify roadblocks and come up with solutions. A win for everyone!
“We’ve successfully scaled the agile process to 15 cross-functional scrum teams, all while sticking to the process’ core principles. It has had a profound impact on our business and we now use the agile methodology for software development, analytical modeling, operations, new product development, and security.”
-Vijay Eluri, VP Engineering, ID Analytics
Our agile process was recognized by Scrum Day San Diego in 2015 with the Agile Team Excellence Award.

Hackathons & Throwdowns

Regular Hackathon Contests allow employees to develop their software and problem solving skills. Sometimes the challenge is an actual problem we face at work and sometimes it is designed to be a creative exercise to improve collaboration. Teamwork Throwdown events encourage friendly competition across the company and reward groups who work together to achieve a common goal. These events focus on teamwork and innovation, and give our creative and problem-solving skills a chance to shine!
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