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We’re explorers at heart. A multidisciplinary group of mathematicians, analysts, computer scientists, economists, financial experts, and advisors dedicated to the continued exploration of all-things identity. We’ve been at the forefront of consumer risk management for over a decade working to create a dynamic ecosystem that protects both enterprises and consumers while creating innovative solutions to enable smarter and faster decisions for our customers. Open-minded and entrepreneurial in spirit, the ID Analytics team hails from a variety of backgrounds but share a mutual desire to create the best possible products and services. We pride ourselves in fostering a respectful work environment, and understand that it’s our differences that make us stronger.
“The people at ID Analytics are what I most appreciate. I’m so grateful this company has built a culture with smart, friendly, driven people who accomplish amazing things. It’s great to get up in the morning and really enjoy going to work.”
– Eric Lindeen, VP Marketing, ID Analytics
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Our management approach fosters trust, respect and open communication through all levels of the organization, making ID Analytics an exceptional place to work. Our employees are among the brightest minds in data science, software engineering, and product innovation, developing best-in-class fraud and credit risk solutions.
“Our data scientists have the freedom to make our own contributions to innovation and new product development. This approach allows us to think about problems in new ways, while still sharing a common vision and direction.”
– Sunhyoung Han, Principal Scientist, ID Analytics

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Giving Back

ID Analytics is committed to making a difference in the community and provides support for employees to devote time to a cause they feel strongly about. Our parent company sponsors the LifeLock for Good program, offering employees up to 24 paid volunteering hours each year to give back to our community. LifeLock also organizes quarterly company-wide volunteering events throughout the year, such as:

Every year, we step away from our desks to volunteer in the communities where we work and live. We call it Do-Gooder Day, part of LifeLock for Good.

LifeLock for Good Do-Gooder Day